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The Acquist Group - A Forerunner Across the Realty Sector

Apr 26, 2019   16:41 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Acquist Marketing & Information Solutions, a leading marketing consultancy and real estate offering, announced on April 20, 2019, that it has further strengthened its stance across international markets via launch of London Realty Connect. The Company has been operational for over 5 years now, observing over 35% YoY growth, right from the first year. In fact, the Acquist Group is entirely self-funded and has maintained positive growth irrespective of market turmoils & lack of external support.


Acquist -  Forerunners in Marketing, Sales and Real Estate, Global and Local


The Growth Journey

According to Sanjay Guha, Founder & CEO, Acquist Marketing, the Company had a humble beginning. Mr. Guha invested around INR 45 lakhs of his earnings to lay foundations for the Acquist Group.


Acquist Marketing started out as a privately-held marketing consulting company, operating across direct marketing, digital marketing, research and publishing spaces. Soon after, Acquist landed multiple clients across real estate, IT, BFSI, energy, etc., managing their entire suite of marketing & data-related requirements, resulting in over 35 percent growth YoY for the company.


The Real Estate Venture

While working on lead generation campaigns for real estate clients, Sanjay observed that irrespective of lead quality, most of the leads did not transform into closures. “We believed that this gap was an opportunity to play to our strengths and, thereby, for Acquist to diversify,” stated Mr. Guha. Soon after, Acquist Realty set its foundation stone in 2015.


With partners like L&T Realty, Godrej Properties, Mahindra Lifespaces, etc., Acquist has gained industry-wide credibility, supporting its self-funded, organic growth. “By 2017, Acquist Realty’s contribution to the business was 40 percent and soon we started an NRI division to enable NRIs to invest in India,” added Sanjay.


Steps in the West

The Acquist Realty team, when working with NRIs, had to sift through multiple regulations and investment opportunities in the west. According to Sanjay, the company realized that while helping NRIs to invest in India, it could also help Indian residents invest in the west.


As a result, Sanjay started Acquist London Realty Connect in October, 2018. Within the first 4 months, the company clocked sales of around GBP 10 million.


Growth Prospects

A “people-first” Company, Acquist Group attributes its incremental growth to the Company’s core team. Mr. Guha added, “Many of the 30-member team who are leading key businesses today joined us as trainees a few years ago. They could have gone to cozy pastures when the economy was volatile. But they chose to work without a hike, without incentives. And, Acquist couldn’t be here today without them.” With a proper work-life balance, even after being a sales-oriented firm, Acquist Group has set some benchmarks for service oriented firms across the nation.


The Acquist group, as per latest stats, has crossed USD 2.5 million of revenues cumulatively in the last 5 years, while expanding into Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru, Singapore and the UK. According to Mr. Guha, “In all our three ventures, Acquist has always been target-oriented, ROI focused and driven organic growth. We work only with teams who align with our vision. We are at a stage where we are confident of leveraging any opportunity in any industry across the globe.

Acquist -  Forerunners in Marketing, Sales and Real Estate, Global and Local
Acquist - Forerunners in Marketing, Sales and Real Estate, Global and Local
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