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This Festive and Party Season, be the Cynosure of All Eyes with Stunning Pieces from Platinum EVARA

Dec 15, 2022 14:09 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A time of joyous celebration with family and friends, the festive and party season brings along a slew of special events and gatherings to attend. While selecting the perfect outfit for each occasion might seem like a task, let your jewellery be the focal point of your look, as you choose from an exquisite range of platinum jewellery pieces from Platinum EVARA. 

Inspired by the woman of today, the curated collection exhibits intricacy and versatility through its elegant designs, forms, motifs and silhouettes. Every piece of jewellery in this collection is an ode to the woman who stays true to her core and embraces all parts of herself. Crafted from 95% pure platinum, a metal born out of a supernova collision, the pieces are sure to elevate any look you opt for by adding a touch of subtle elegance and glamour.  


The collection includes an array of designs that range from captivating necklaces and alluring wristwear to intricately crafted earrings and elegant rings. Delicate yet seamless forms, combined with unique diamond pieces come together to create one-a-kind pieces that seamlessly complement your outfits while making a discerning style statement. Dreamlike patterns, Mobius loops, and grooves reflect a unique design narrative, while elements like scattering, splintering, and expansive patterns along with the interrupted forms, fluid dimensions, and spatial elements come together to elaborate the many facets of the EVARA woman’s unique personality. Due to platinum’s intrinsic durability and strength, the white metal stays untarnished through the passage of time, which lends itself to timeless jewellery designs.


Be it casual wear, party wear, workwear or even Indian wear, Platinum EVARA’s curated collection of pieces is a definite must-have in your holiday season wardrobe. Stack a set of bold platinum rings to make a statement at the next brunch with your girlfriends, or wear an intricately crafted platinum necklace for an intimate celebration with your family. Flaunt a pair of beautiful diamond-encrusted earrings at your office Christmas party, while the stellar selection of wristwear can be the perfect addition to date night!


Choose from a stunning selection of platinum jewellery pieces from Platinum EVARA’s curated collection for your next special outing:

Platinum dancing lines

This elegant chain, crafted in rare platinum features cylindrical platinum forms of mismatched lengths. Usher in the joyous holiday season as your pair this with an elegant cocktail dress or even with a beautiful saree and you’re all set to make a stunning style statement.

Platinum Necklace by Platinum EVARA


Platinum beaded glory

As a woman of today, many facets come together to make you, you. This is represented in the multi-faceted design of this interlinked piece, where rose gold and platinum pellets come together to form a bracelet. Wear it at the next boardroom meeting or even a virtual catch-up with colleagues - as this bracelet is sure to complement a variety of workwear pieces in your wardrobe.

Platinum Seamless Elegance

This bracelet with fluid lines of platinum coming together in a diamond-studded centre is a statement of simplicity. Subtle, sleek and classic, this piece is a versatile must-have that is sure to take your style game up a notch at your annual office Christmas party, or even at the next girls’ night out.

Platinum Magical Hurricane Earrings

Wear these earrings and let the world know who you are. Crafted in platinum, a metal that stays strong, these earrings stand any given test of time as you do. Accentuate your date-night look, or flaunt it with contemporary Indian wear at the next wedding you attend and let these magical earrings do the talking!

Platinum Earrings by Platinum EVARA


Platinum Starfall

Like a stunning medley of shooting stars falling from the night sky, this piece is designed to remind you of every time you make an impression by just being the woman that you are. An extremely unique piece of jewellery, this ring is sure to add a touch of glam to any look - be it brunch with your friends, or a special dinner with your family.

Platinum Necklace by Platinum EVARA
Platinum Necklace by Platinum EVARA
Platinum Earrings by Platinum EVARA
Platinum Earrings by Platinum EVARA
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