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This November, Discover True Love with ‘Notting Hill’ on Romedy NOW

~ Catch the Romedy of the Month- Notting Hill this Saturday 22nd November at 9pm only on Romedy NOW ~

Nov 18, 2014   15:27 IST 

True love is the most sought after feeling in the world. When you find the one person that accepts you for who you are; that love is priceless. Don’t miss the enchanting magic of true love as Hollywood’s sweetheart Anna Scott falls for a simple English bookstore owner in the Romedy of the Month - Notting Hill this Saturday, 22nd November 2014 at 9PM.  This November, experience the power of true love with Romedy NOW, India’s exclusive destination for Love and Laughter.


When the world’s most beautiful woman, actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) falls for a floppy-haired Englishman William Thacker (Hugh Grant), she finds that love transcends boundaries and that there can never be anything more meaningful than true love. It doesn’t matter if she is the world’s most famous face with an amazing Hollywood career or that she has multiple accolades and thousands of fans across the nation. Behind the cameras and away from the glitz of Hollywood, she’s just your average girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.


Set against a lovely soundtrack (featuring Ronan Keating’s popular ‘When You Say Nothing At All’), Notting Hill chronicles the incredible love story of Hollywood’s princess and an unassuming bookstore owner in this classic tale of true love and hi-celebrity drama. With endearing performances from Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and hilarious quips from Emma Chambers, Mischa Barton, Gina McKee and many others, this Romedy favorite is a must-watch for Hollywood fans.


So this Saturday, cuddle up with that special someone and enjoy the best of love in the Romedy of the Month – Notting Hill.


Discover a love that crosses boundaries this Saturday only on Romedy NOW

Notting Hill - Nov 22nd @ 9pm
Notting Hill - Nov 22nd @ 9pm
Romedy NOW to air Notting Hill on Nov 22nd
Romedy NOW to air Notting Hill on Nov 22nd
Romedy of the Month - Notting Hill

Romedy of the Month - Notting Hill
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