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To Observe ‘World Water Day’, a Workshop on ‘Smart Cities and Water Sector’ was Organized at Manav Rachna International University

A workshop on ‘Smart Cities and Water Sector’ was Organized by Municipal Corporation, Faridabad, Indian National Committee of International Association of Hydrogeologists (INC-IAH) and Manav Rachna International University

Mar 22, 2016   18:28 IST 
Faridabad, Haryana, India

To observe World Water Day on March 22, 2016, a Workshop titled ‘Smart Cities and Water Sector’ was organized by INC-IAH, MCF Faridabad and Manav Rachna International University (MRIU). The workshop was presided over by Dr. Aditya Dahiya, IAS, CommissionerMCF along with other senior dignitaries namely Dr. Amit Bhalla, Vice President, MREI; Dr. D K Chadha, President GHS & Former-Chairman, CGWB; Dr N.C. Wadhwa, Mr. D.R. Bhaskar, SE, MCF; Mr Sanjeev Agarwal, Manager IT, MCF, Dr Sarita Sachdeva, HOD, Biotech Department, FET, MRIU, Dr Jatinder Saigal, Dean, Faculty of Planning & Architecture, MRIU; and members of various RWAs among other senior dignitaries.



While discussing several pointers pertaining to Faridabad with RWA members, Dr. Aditya Dahiya, IAS, Commissioner, MCF, focused upon the need for solutions in Faridabad and congratulated Dr. D.K. Chaddha on the excellent pre-feasibility report on Badhkal Lake. He stated, “The depleting water resources of Badhkal Lake is one of the major concerns of the day. Treated water will be used for filling up of the Lake.” There were extensive discussions with RWA members in areas such as Rainwater harvesting, sewerage waste management, stopping of illegal encroachments, rehabilitation of slum dwellers, water harvesting as a source of clean drinking water, levying of fines for clean water wastage, sewerage treatment and decentralization for gardening and car washing.   


The project: Revival of Badhkal Lake at Faridabad was also discussed and recommendations of pre-feasibility studies undertaken by MRIU was deliberated upon during the workshop.  The whole effort of the workshop was to interact with RWAs on the important aspects of water in Faridabad. The outcomes of the workshop were integrated into the activity calendar of ‘Water Forum, Haryana’ and into the concept of Smart Cities as envisaged for Faridabad. All the RWA members complimented Dr. D.K. Chaddha for his Badhkal Lake revival project. Keeping in view the importance of water in the lives of Faridabad’s residents, Dr Amit Bhalla, Vice President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions, said, Manav Rachna is ready to provide free consultancy for Rainwater harvesting under the Water Forum to benefit Faridabad’s residents.” On World Water Day, this came as welcome news to all RWA members present.  

Dr. Aditya Dahiya addressing the queries of the RWAs
Dr. Aditya Dahiya addressing the queries of the RWAs
Representatives from RWAs presenting their views
Representatives from RWAs presenting their views
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