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Transport Mall to Revolutionise Driver Dhabas to keep Truckers Safe and Stress-free

First company in India to aggregate Driver Dhabas, in a big move towards road and vehicle safety, and driver comfort

May 25, 2022 17:16 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Transport Mall has become India’s first company to aggregate Driver Dhabas across the country’s highways with the purpose of providing safe and comfortable lodging and food options for commercial vehicle owners, especially truck drivers.


Team Transport Mall


India’s National Highways span a distance of around 1,50,000 km. Along the entire stretch, the dhabas where truck drivers can eat and stay are far and few. Some of these outlets have also become unsafe, often exposing drivers to theft, robbery, and physical harm. This also results in drivers not getting enough nutrition and rest. This increases their dependency on intoxicants and can lead to delays in delivery and in worse cases life-threatening accidents.


Introducing the ‘Driver Dhaba’

Transport Mall, a startup in the transport sector, solves this problem with the launch of their new service - Driver Dhaba - a mobile app that lets drivers find Dhabas on their routes conveniently and quickly. Transport Mall has aggregated 1,000 Dhabas in 12 states so far after grading, verifying, and certifying them on the basis of strenuous checks.


The dhabas are categorised into four categories - Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Take Away. The categories are given on the basis of the facilities that these dhabas provide such as CCTV, parking, restrooms, quality food, and security guards for the safety of the vehicles. While this is just the start, the idea is to provide safer Dhabas with amenities and conveniences of the highest standard to commercial vehicle drivers across the country within the next year.


How to use ‘Driver Dhaba’

The Driver Dhaba service is available for free on Transport Mall's mobile app. After downloading the app, the driver has to navigate to the Dhaba service, following which he can search for the right Dhaba by entering his location. The app will help him locate and reach his destination. Besides, the driver can also check the list of Dhabas certified by Transport Mall on the relevant routes before starting his journey. Hundreds of drivers are already availing this facility.


Moninder Singh, CEO, Transport Mall, said, “This initiative will help improve the conditions and facilities provided by highway Dhabas in India. Drivers will be able to sleep peacefully, there will be fewer accidents on the roads, and the safety of the vehicles will be guaranteed.” Further, he added, “The drivers, as well as the owners, can look forward to ease of doing business.”


About Transport Mall

Transport Mall is India's first full-stack, social commerce platform launched by Moninder Singh in 2020 for commercial vehicle owners. Transport Mall helps CVOs bridge the industry gap by providing them with relevant and reliable information via Transport TV, Transport Mall app, safe and quick motor insurance for their vehicles, a network of safe to stay Dhabas in 12 different states, and a unique TV helpline for providing guidance and resolutions to various trade-related issues. Based out of Punjab, Transport Mall's vision is to fill gaps in the transportation sector by providing real time-solution to the problems of missing roadside amenities for truckers and increase CVO profitability.

Team Transport Mall
Team Transport Mall
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