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Unleash Festive Charm: Breathe Life into your Furniture with Hassle-free Magic of Fevicol Relam

Oct 31, 2023 12:01 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Why should furniture be left behind when we are painting walls or changing upholstery during the festive season? In most cases furniture revamp gets overlooked during the festive season as it is deemed expensive, cumbersome, and messy.

Discover effortless laminate-on-laminate furniture transformation with Fevicol Relam

However, your home's furnishings deserve a fresh look too and without any pesky tod-phod, noise and dust! With Fevicol Relam, revamping your furniture in festive season becomes a hassle-free exercise.


Using Fevicol Relam, you can now paste laminate on laminate and thus simplify the furniture renovation process. Fevicol Relam adhesive gives instant holding and processing strength in a couple of hours. It has no smell. It is easy to use and doesn’t require vigorous mixing before use. Fevicol Relam ensures the laminate adheres smoothly, giving a professional finish without any mess.


Using Fevicol Relam, one can directly paste a new laminate over the old laminate and change the look of the old furniture overnight, making them look vibrant and stylish.


Fevicol Relam, a trusted name in adhesive solutions, offers a range of possibilities for transforming your furniture. Whether you want to give your old kitchen cabinets and cupboards a modern touch or spruce up a tired-looking coffee table, Fevicol Relam provides a reliable and easy-to-use solution.


Imagine a simple and pocket-friendly technique can turn a plain side table into a work of art, reflecting the festive spirit of vibrancy and freshness. Fevicol Relam ensures a lasting bond that withstands daily use.


In conclusion, this festive season, let your furniture shine as brilliantly as your other decorations. It’s time to infuse your home with renewed charm and style. With Fevicol Relam, your furniture becomes an integral part of your festive celebrations, setting the stage for cherished memories and delightful conversations.

Discover effortless laminate-on-laminate furniture transformation with Fevicol Relam
Discover effortless laminate-on-laminate furniture transformation with Fevicol Relam
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