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Veteran Police Officers Launch Trident Consultants

Feb 23, 2021 17:34 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

While joining duty, police officers pledge to provide protection to everyone during their service. However, for some their duty doesn’t end with their tenure. Three of Maharashtra’s highly decorated veteran police officers have set the example. Ambadas Pote (Ex. Deputy Commissioner of Police), Rajan Ghule (Ex. Assistant Commissioner of Police) and Sunil Deshmukh (Ex. Assistant Commissioner of Police) who have worked with the Crime Branch and Anti Terrorism Squad have come together with 37 years of experience and launched Trident Consultants in February 2021.

Former IPS Shri A. A. Khan inaugurating Trident Consultants

Trident Consultants, inaugurated by Shri A. A. Khan (I.P.S, Additional Director General of Police (Rtd) Maharashtra and In Charge of Anti-Terrorist Squad Mumbai), aims to provide comprehensive services to corporate organizations, small businesses and individuals of any sector for Fraud, Cyber Crime, Economic Offences, Intellectual Property Rights, Civil, Criminal and Consumer related cases. The new venture has handpicked professional experts from all the above fields working with them and created a network that is second to none.

The motto of Mumbai Police is "Sad Rakshanaya Khala Nigrahanaya" which means to protect good and to destroy evil. Through extensive experience as officers in the world's most elite crime-fighting and tactical terrorism response unit, the supercops have put their dedication to bringing the motto to practice.


Over their years of service in the Mumbai Crime Branch and Anti Terrorism Squad, the trio has been instrumental in the fall of the underworld in the city. As a unit as well as individually, they have cracked critical cases for which they have been awarded President's Medal for Gallantry, President's Medal and D.G's "Insignia". They have hands-on expertise in solving clueless high-profile cases for which they have numerous special rewards from the Government of Maharashtra to various other State Governments and from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).


Mr. Kalim Shaikh will lead the cybercrime division. He has been instrumental in cracking a number of cases for the Crime Branch, ATS and various police stations in the nick of time. Mr. Shaikh received a commentatory note from the Joint Commissioner of Police Crime Branch Mumbai for providing excellent technical assistance in myriad cases.    


At Trident Consultants, all three seasoned officers possess a wealth of experience they bring to the table to deliver outstanding results to their clients.

Former IPS Shri A. A. Khan inaugurating Trident Consultants
Former IPS Shri A. A. Khan inaugurating Trident Consultants
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