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Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023: A Global Extravaganza of Style Unveiled in London

Sep 29, 2023 12:07 IST 
London, United Kingdom

Vivz World Fashion Week once again took the fashion world by storm as it lit up the iconic cities of London, Paris, Dubai, and India this year. Founded by visionary directors Vivek Pawar and Arti Rai, Vivz World Fashion Week has become synonymous with innovation, diversity, and a commitment to providing a platform for both emerging and established designers.


Shiv Chordia, Corey Hegel at Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023


In a testament to its international appeal, Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023 brought together an extraordinary line-up of designers from around the globe. These creative visionaries showcased collections that were nothing short of mesmerizing, making this fashion extravaganza a must-see event on the global fashion calendar.


Madhura and Tanmay Mate at Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023


The following designers graced the Vivz World Fashion Week London runway with their exceptional collections:


1. Meenal Thipse presented the enchanting collection "ANJOR", a fusion of elegance and creativity.


2. Melanie Crane showcased "The Sakti Collection", a captivating blend of tradition and modernity.


3. Tatiana Shabelnik unveiled "East Meets West: from Silk Road to Hollywood", a collection that paid homage to cultural diversity and collaboration with jewelry designer Kathleen Largent.


4. Jhay Layson - Filipino womenswear and menswear designer who combines an exuberant vision to fabrics and silhouettes. Additionally, he adds a carefree yet gentle approach to femininity and masculinity. He also showcase his collection in Europe,America and Asia.His collection, aptly named “Ani” (“Harvest”), comes as an innovative response to the global state of the fashion industry.


5. Star Lashelle celebrated the essence of London with "The London Collection", a fashion line inspired by the vibrant spirit of the city.


6. Saskia Ter Welle invited us to "Cherish the Moment" with her collection, capturing the beauty of fleeting instants through fashion.


7. Irina Gorbman presented the "Puzzle Collection", a unique blend of style and mystery that left everyone intrigued.


8. Devenity London made a powerful statement with two collections, "Boys Don't Cry" and "Holiday Romance", showcasing versatility and emotional depth in their designs.


9. Cody Chris continued to design quality fashions for everyday superstars, redefining casual elegance.


10. Eveskywalker all the textiles are hand printed with real plants and flowers using a process that takes about 3 weeks in total for layout, printing and drying… called botanical mono-printing. Every garment is draped patterned and hand stitched as well as hand printed with plants and flowers foraged from sacred spaces all by the designer. Collection is called “Lotus“


11. Model Mafia presented designer Illy Cartier, and bold black dresses presented the collection that pushed the boundaries of creativity.


Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023 was more than just a showcase of fashion; it was a celebration of art, culture, and individuality. Each designer brought their unique perspective to the runway, and the result was a kaleidoscope of creativity that left attendees and fashion enthusiasts in awe.


The event attracted media attention from across the globe, further solidifying Vivz World Fashion Week's reputation as a global fashion powerhouse. The collections presented here were not just outfits; they were stories, emotions, and a reflection of the world's diverse tapestry.


As Vivz World Fashion Week continues to evolve and inspire, it remains a beacon for those who believe in the transformative power of fashion. This year's event was a testament to the vision of its founders, Vivek Pawar and Arti Rai, who have created a platform that nurtures both emerging talents and established names in the fashion industry. 


About Vivz World Fashion Week

Vivz World Fashion Week is an internationally acclaimed fashion event that takes place annually in London, Paris, Dubai, and India. Founded by Vivek Pawar and Arti Rai, it serves as a global platform for designers from around the world, promoting creativity, diversity, and innovation in the fashion industry. 

Shiv Chordia, Corey Hegel at Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023
Shiv Chordia, Corey Hegel at Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023
Madhura and Tanmay Mate at Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023
Madhura and Tanmay Mate at Vivz World Fashion Week London 2023
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