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Vowels Advertising: Journey of an Indian Advertising Agency to International Waters

Feb 04, 2019   16:58 IST 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Vowels Advertising has recently been recognized as one of the ten most promising creative agencies in India. Founder of this creative agency, Geet Bagrodia, began his journey as a mechanic. Now with over 10 years of experience, he has carved his name in the industry as a solid marketer.


Vowels Team after executing its Intellectual property Event - Rock Paper Beer


Today as they successfully complete three years in the business, it is essential to note that Vowels Advertising agency has been able to build over 190 brands across the world through offices in India, Dubai and Australia. Team Vowels is working towards building stronger brands through their capabilities in branding, creative content, communication, digital marketing and video production. “As a team, we consistently aspire to offer unique solutions to all our clients. The aim is to have Vowels on the speed dial of every brand from every industry in the country,” says Geet.


Geet Bagrodia - CEO, Vowels Advertising

Through their efforts, they have worked with several multinational brands for escalating their growth and have also been fundamental in the successful launch of varied start-ups in hospitality, real estate, healthcare, retail and F&B. As a team, they have reshaped communication within the jewellery industry and have played a pivotal role in rebranding players from the FMCG community. Their journey so far has witnessed a colossal reach of over 9 crore people. Their brainchild event ‘Rock Paper Beer’ created a massive ripple and gathered a footfall of over 20,000 people.


Looking ahead, they are willing to move out of their comfort zone and create something unique through distinctive projects. “What lies in the future is more and more innovative & irrational creative solutions that would help build brands through Vowels,” says Geet.


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Vowels Team after executing its Intellectual property Event - Rock Paper Beer
Vowels Team after executing its Intellectual property Event - Rock Paper Beer
Geet Bagrodia - CEO, Vowels Advertising
Geet Bagrodia - CEO, Vowels Advertising
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