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Wakeup Innovation to Cross INR 300 Cr. Turnover in FY22: Goyal Brothers

May 04, 2022 16:31 IST 
Delhi, India

Wakeup Innovation, A leading furniture and home products startup, is set to breach the INR 300 Cr. Mark in the financial year 22-23. The D2C startup has established itself as a prominent player in the industry within a few years of its inception and currently sells its products through e-commerce platforms. Started by two brothers, Mr. Nitesh Goyal and Nikhil Goyal, the company has clocked a turnover of INR 36 Cr. last year and plans to grow 10x in the coming year.

Wakeup Innovation, CEO and Founder, Nitesh Goyal received Most Trusted brand in India 2021 award from Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi

Mr. Nitesh Goyal, CEO and Founder, Wakeup Innovation Pvt. Ltd., said, all of us who live in this beautiful world aspire to be successful. It makes no difference whether the individual in question is a child, a youngster, or an older person; At every point of our long lives, we have an innate drive to be successful and progress steadily toward greater achievement. Similarly, my brother Nikhil Goyal and I started the business journey in 2017, intending to embrace success as a player rather than a spectator. The success of our organisation can be attributed to our dedication, sincerity, customer-first approach and clear vision to serve the best for the customers. We are all set to cross INR 300 crores and expand aggressively across India.


Goyal brothers founded the Wakeup innovation, their desire to achieve greatness led them to work on internet platforms. They established a wakeup mattress manufacturing facility in Bhiwani (Haryana) and started achieving many milestones. Goyal brothers became the bestseller on India's leading e-commerce platforms. They said dedication and hard work are the foundation of their achievement. Mr. Nitesh was not alone in his battle; his brother Nikhil was his only supporter and stood with him in every tough row to hoe situation.


Then they decided to move their head office to Gurgaon and keep their production unit in Bhiwani mainly because of their efforts and undivided focus on growing their outreach to PAN India. The transformation of a self-funded company's average profit is nearly five times what it started with is a trip to be hailed heartily. They're now planning to cover the whole market, from raw resources to items and services. They're currently working around the clock to provide a comprehensive house solution. Mr. Nitesh is also working on the vision to make every Indian sleep peacefully without any sleeping disorder. They're preparing everything from the smallest to the largest object to cover the entire house decor. Also, a production unit was established in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) after the success of the Bhiwani (Haryana) production unit. Wakeup innovations Pvt. Ltd. accomplished another milestone in December 2021.


The millennium brilliance award for the most trusted brand in India was presented to Mr. Nitesh Goyal in December 2021 by the prominent Arab beauty Nora Fatehi. Receiving the most trusted award was a big moment for the company since it's one of the outstanding achievements for a brand. Mr. Nitesh Goyal, CEO and Founder of Wakeup Innovations Pvt. Ltd., said, "This is just the beginning, and there are many milestones to be achieved."

The company's net turnover is 36 crores per annum, with a forecast of 300 crores for the coming financial year.


This year Wakeup has introduced an initiative to plant a tree with every order. Buy one, Plant one. For every order you place, Wakeup will plant a tree. By doing this, Wakeup can help protect and regenerate the planet. Furthermore, Wakeup will provide you with a tree geographical location tracker. You can track your tree with an authentic certification and tree identification number.

Wakeup's digital team also commented on the latest campaign, "Wakeup is committed to planting as many trees as possible and expanding the furniture and home products market across the country by providing great products at a great value to consumers. Wakeup will plant a tree for every order."

Wakeup Innovation, CEO and Founder, Nitesh Goyal received Most Trusted brand in India 2021 award from Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi
Wakeup Innovation, CEO and Founder, Nitesh Goyal received Most Trusted brand in India 2021 award from Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi
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