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Whiskin Spirits Launches Whiskin Craft Whisky

A blend of Special Reserve Grain whisky crafted in India with International flavours launched in Delhi, Haryana and Uttrakhand

Mar 18, 2016 17:22 IST 
NCR, Delhi, India

Whiskin Spirits Pvt. Ltd., a producer of fine quality alcohol and spirits in India, announces the launch of Whiskin Craft Whisky, a premium Scotch Blended Whisky crafted in India with International flavours.


Facts: Whiskin Spirits Pvt Ltd.

1. Mr. Pranav Chawla, JMD

2. Mr. Ashok Chawla, Chairman

3. Total of 4 brands launched- Bronco Rum, Jogger Rum, Glider Whisky and Whiskin Craft


Whiskin Craft is a confluence of premium Imported Scotch, rich Indian malts and premium grain spirit made via a triple distillation process which lends ita velvety smooth taste.


It has natural flavours of toasted dry fruits, honey and dark chocolate leaving a long, lingering taste and a smooth finish,characteristic of Scotch Blended Whisky.


For a truly international experience, the ingredients of this craft whisky are imported: Scotch from choicest sources in Scotland matured in sherry oak casks; natural flavours from the finest sources in France and crafted together by an expert blender from France.  


Announcing the launch of Whiskin Craft, Mr. Pranav Chawla, JMD, Whiskin Spirits Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are delighted to offer a premium product at an affordable price to discerning customers. Distilled and bottled in India, Whiskin Craft Special Reserve Whisky, has a blend comparable to premium Scotch products. Attention to detail is given at all steps, starting from selection of the right inputs from the wide variety of ingredients, to the ratio of using them and the order and process involved in blending them together to create the desirable and unique tasting whisky which is appreciated by all. Our endeavour is to create a company run by qualified professionals with great emphasis on corporate governance and strong business ethics.”


Whiskin Craft has been worked on for over one year with an expert blender from France, taking feedback from consumers and connoisseurs of Scotch Whisky brands and going back to the drawing board to create an exceptional blend.


A veteran in the distribution of alcohol and spirits, Mr. Ashok Chawla, Chairman,Whiskin Spirits Pvt. Ltd. said, “We have observed that there is demand for a product that is of premium quality, consistent in flavours, available easily and value for money. Our new product aims to fill this gap giving our discerning customer quality and an unsurpassed experience. In a space dominated by large international players, we had to ensure that we have the blend, pricing and packaging right to operate in a niche market. We only have to induce the first trial of the product as the repeats would automatically follow.”


Founded in 2013, Whiskin Spirits introduced its products in the Delhi market in Oct 2014 and has recently launched its products in the state of Haryana.


The product is available in three pack sizes 750 ml, 375 ml and 180 ml and is priced at a convenient Rs. 500 (750ml), Rs. 250 (375ml) and Rs. 125 (180ml) in Delhi.


About Whiskin Spirits Pvt. Ltd.

Whiskin Spirits Pvt. Ltd, founded in 2013, is a producer of fine quality alcohol and spirits in India. With a mission to offer premium quality and a perfect blend of ingredients, Whiskin Spirits has a bouquet of brands. Within 3 years, they have introduced 2 brands of whisky – Whiskin Craft Whiskey, Glider Whiskey and 2 brands of rum namely - Bronco Rum and Jogger Rum.


Available in many states across India such as Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand, Whiskin Spirits has a widespread distribution network. Headquartered in Delhi, Whiskin Spirits has a manufacturing unit in Derabassi, Punjab.


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Whiskin Craft
Whiskin Craft
Pranav Chawla, JMD Whiskin Spirits
Pranav Chawla, JMD Whiskin Spirits
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