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World Animal Protection Calls on the Government to Ensure Better Lives for Dogs in India

Jun 20, 2016   16:40 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Stray dogs in India suffer repeated abuse, as communities affected by the threat of rabies continue to fear them. World Animal Protection is calling on the Government to take necessary measures for implementing the Supreme Court directive on vaccination and sterilisation – to help create better lives for dogs in India.


The Supreme Court of India has issued a directive in March 2016 on vaccination and sterilisation of stray dogs. World Animal Protection is seeking the Government’s intervention to implement this directive by providing direction and necessary resources to the relevant authorities.


Globally there are around 700 million dogs. Many of these are free-roaming, often unwanted, unhealthy and unvaccinated. They are perceived to be a nuisance because of fear of rabies and dog bites.


Nearly 10 million dogs are killed inhumanely every year, primarily in a misguided attempt to eradicate rabies. Brutal methods are employed, like beating, poisoning, electrocuting, shooting, to get rid of this so-called ‘threat’ to society. A rabies-free nation doesn’t mean a nation without dogs.


It’s understandable that communities are fearful of rabies. It’s a deadly disease and up to 99% of human cases are transmitted through dogs. World Animal Protection is also urging the communities to act for better lives for dogs through responsible pet ownership and by learning how to have safer interactions with stray dogs.


Gajender K Sharma, Country Director at World Animal Protection India, says: "Killing dogs isn’t a sustainable or humane solution to ending rabies - vaccination and sterilisation is the only proven, effective and humane way to move forward. Through our campaign, we want to lead the way to end the unnecessary deaths of millions of dogs, every year. Dogs – like all animals – have a right to live without suffering."


“The elimination of rabies is within our grasp, and we are hopeful that both government and communities, will step up and share the responsibility to make mass dog vaccination and sterilisation a reality and save animal and people’s lives.”


World Animal Protection is asking people to do their part for better lives for dogs in India. Sign the petition today.

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Stray Dogs
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