Digital Marketing is becoming more and more about paid platforms. Every platform whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, AdWords or the rest, continue to tweak their algorithms and are making it more and more difficult to get credible, organic reach.

In an industry which is full of agencies and individuals offering Digital Marketing services, how do you differentiate yourselves from the crowd?

To figure that out let’s take a look at what clients essentially need at this point

  • Clear messaging
  • Measurable results
  • Multiplied ROI
  • Credible Visibility
  • High potential lead generation campaigns

Suffice to say, rolling all of these aspects into one campaign can be quite tricky. But by using a medium to identify the right message and get it distributed to credible resources, you can actually provide your clients with a fantastic way to reach broad audiences without it hurting their pockets too much.

The Press Release is just one such tool; now before you start thinking this has something to do with PR and not marketing, it’s important to understand that the overlap between Digital Visibility and Public Relations has been snowballing. The trend from print to online has been so overwhelming in the last five years that virtually 80% of information now consumed is through a digital platform. So even PR has evolved to becoming highly digital in its delivery.

If created efficiently and distributed through the right channels the Press Release gives you precisely what the client would want and still Digital Marketers are not using it to the fullest extent.

Let’s have a look at how the Press Release can give your clients what they want :

  • Clear Messaging – The story – A Press Release can give you the right canvas to appeal to the exact needs of your customers. By building a story and voicing what your company/organization stands for you can truly connect with your audience. When thinking about creating the story, it is crucial to hit the right notes about your brand, manage the voice and tone based on whom you are addressing. It also makes you consider what really is newsworthy about your brand. It encourages you to take on activities which differentiate you and gives you a path to embodying your core values.


  • Measurable Results – By defining clear metrics for your Press Release, you can measure and tweak your future campaigns to ensure you are maximizing the effort. Standard parameters would be to measure the number of news media outlets and journalists you were able to reach. Visibility and eyeballs on the social media channels where your audience is, as well as leads generated from the campaign.


  • Multiplied ROI – If you have the right news distribution partner, creating and distributing a Press Release can be extremely cost-effective, and with a consistent approach the ROI is typically 3 to 4x of investment.


  • Credible Visibility – This is where the Press Release distribution approach is far superior to any other form of marketing – by being published across various media channels you receive a third party credible endorsements in the customer’s The fact that a media platform is willing to carry your story is inherently credible and builds trustworthy relationships with your potential customers. By effectively using the coverage you can receive and position it in front of existing and potential customers. The levels of engagement and brand recognition are immediately positively impacted. With the increased impact of multiple media channels carrying your news, each of your other marketing channels also has an appropriate message to spread. The same coverage can be used to reach out to your email list, your social media audiences, and your existing clients.


  • Lead Generation – As engagement and participation in the campaign go up and if you have a proper lead magnet offering setup you can maximize your leads through your website or social media pages. By using the coverages received and directing your audience to a specific call to action the Press Release can drive relevant and meaningful leads to you.

So the question is, are you using Press Releases effectively and giving your clients what they want? Would you like to integrate this option into your overall digital marketing strategies and see the difference? To find the right distribution partner you can always visit our website To learn more about using Press Releases read our blog