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As we prepare ourselves for establishing Culinary World of Unity, Business, Technology Exchange, Bilateral Relations, Peace & Brotherhood across Asia and World, I personally welcome you on behalf of my Management Team of ACOHI Asia and Hospitality Industry of India & Asia on our official webpage. Let us be instrumental in establishing the Borderless Culinary World which will also empower Brotherhood & World Peace on an immediate basis.
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Indian Hospitality Industry Leads Global Adoption of Alkaline and Hydrogen Water with Innovative 3TAP Technology by ACOHI

In a groundbreaking move, the Indian Hospitality Industry is pioneering the adoption of alkaline and hydrogen water, aiming to enhance the industry's standards and customer health worldwide. This marks a historic first for the global hospitality sector, introducing the innovative 3TAP Technolog... (more)
ACOHI is Changing the Economics & Dynamics of Street Food on International Level in Pune

In an extremely heartwarming move ACOHI the first private governing authority of Hospitality Industry of India & Asia announces it’s most important & researched product AMRIT FOOD CART which will change the economics of street food here in&... (more)
ACOHI Announces Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani to be the Next International Destination for Tourism

ACOHI Clears First Accreditation of Resort Bella Vista
ACOHI to promote local tourism and boost “Athithi Devo Bhava”
In an extreme heartwarming move, ACOHI announces Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani of Maharashtra to be the next International Destination ... (more)
ACOHI Launches Culinary ID for the Hospitality Industry Across India and Asia

To strengthen the backbone of the Hospitality Industry
Benchmark for Safety, Quality and Security in the Hospitality Industry
The Culinary ID movement has started to bring health and safety in the Hospitality Industry of India here in Pune at the head office of AC... (more)
Alkaline Movement Starts in Hospitality Industry of India and Asia from ACOHI

The Alkaline Movement starts with much fanfare and hopes to bring health and safety in the Hospitality Industry of India here in Pune at the head office of ACOHI Asia. The Human body consists of 70% water and hence this element of water becomes most essential which was always underrated and overloo... (more)