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A brand by Unicorn Hygiene Products, Senitta aspires to fill the huge gap that exists in the menstrual hygiene segment in India. The sanitary pads are highly absorbent while being priced affordably in order to be a healthy and planet-friendly alternative to other products available in the market. Creating the product prototype required intensive testing to establish the right combination of hygiene implementation and quality that never compromises on safety and health.
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Senitta Debunks Menstrual Hygiene Myths & Spreads Dioxin Awareness

It's high time now to break through all the myths and taboos related to menstrual hygiene with Senitta. A brand by Unicorn Hygiene, aspires to spark the flame of knowledge and enlightenment about personal hygiene and self care in the minds of women across India. Senitta is not just oth... (more)
Senitta, A Sanitary Napkin Brand is Launched in the Market

Now is the time to break the myths and taboos about menstrual hygiene with Senitta. The sanitary napkin brand by Unicorn Hygiene Products was launched amid a lot of fanfare in Lucknow.
A glimpse from the Senitta product launch with the Honourable Mrs. Sanyukta Bhat... (more)
Kanpur-based Unicorn Hygiene Products Announce a New Sanitary Napkin Brand Senitta

Hygiene matters and Unicorn Hygiene Products is ready to address the pain points in terms of female hygiene with their new product Senitta!
Dioxin-free sanitary napkins that can curb chances of cervical cancer
We all know that India has bee... (more)