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State Bank of India Revises Interest Rate on Home Loans

Aug 26, 2014   16:32 IST 

The interest rates on SBI home loans were reduced significantly w.e.f. 20th December, 2013 and a separate interest rate structure was also rolled-out for our Woman Home Loan borrowers.

It has now been decided to offer uniform interest rate on Home Loans w.e.f. 26th August , 2014, irrespective of the loan amount, as under:


Existing interest rate:

                                                                                                                    (Base rate: 10%)

Loan limit

Woman customers*


Upto Rs. 75 lakh

10.10% p.a.

10.15% p.a.

Above Rs. 75 lakh

10.25% p.a.

10.30% p.a.


Revised interest rate:

Borrower’s category

Home loan interest rate, irrespective of loan limit


10 bps above the BR i.e. 10.10% p.a.


15 bps above the base rate i.e. 10.15% p.a.


*Where the woman is the sole applicant or the first of the co-applicants and also the sole or the first of the co-owners of the property. 

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