Things Everyone Should know about Public Relations

Conventionally, people think Public Relations is all about building relations and maintaining the image of a brand or service. Well, it’s not the same anymore in this digital era. PR is something very vast now and it’s not confined within the run-of-the-mill kind of concepts. Read further to know what everyone should know about new age Public relations 

things about public relations

1. Public Relations is not advertising

PR is way more promising than advertising. Public Relations connect the audience and build their trust in the product. Advertisements show the offers which convince the audience to use the product or services. Public Relations helps in maintaining the brand’s authenticity for the target consumer or stockholders. 

2. Content is King 

Content is said to be king in Public Relations because it involves impeccable writing work as it involves various segments such as press releases for a product or to endorse the services and products through detailed mail. The writing part puts the first impression of the brand in the eye of the target audience. It is very important to write about the products in a way that grabs the maximum attention of the audience otherwise the PR campaign is not very much successful. So, a PR professional should be very much up-to-date with the content part. 

3. Various tools of Public Relations

Public Relations helps in building and maintaining the effective impression of a brand through various tools such as Press releases, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), employee relations, advertorials, etc. PR helps in maintaining and enhancing media relations which helps in keeping products and services in the audience’s eye. 

4. Public Relations is more than Crisis Management 

PR in recent times is not just a tool that helps in crisis management but also helps in creating and pertaining your product’s value in the market’s competition. PR is something that cannot remain monotonous, it has to adapt to the changes in the market and as per the demand of the customer, it should present the products and services. Conventionally, PR dealt with all sorts of the external and internal crisis within the company but now it also deals in the Social media crisis which means if anything or any ad campaign of the company goes wrong, social media users start trolling the brand which affects the sales, share value and many other aspects of the company, PR helps in re-growing the image of the brand through social media. 

Example for crisis management:

A controversy about a renowned jewelry brand that happened very recently due to an advertisement which does not go the way it was supposed to go, social media started to hashtag trends for boycotting the products but things were managed through effective PR strategies and the company removed the advertisement later. 

5. Public Relations helps you in managing social media

Public Relations helps the brand to get viral on social media. It creates various social media campaigns and also viral challenges are becoming an effective way for social media promotions. In today’s times where social media is the key platform of promoting the brand’s services it has become really important to maintain a good social media profile and here new age public relations help you. PR today is not limited to maintain your goodwill in the market but it also helps in creating a great social media impression. Good PR content helps you by engaging the audience through various catchy and creative posts.



Public Relations is a long-term process and involves multiple levels. It helps you to build trust for your brand in the competitive market. Publishing a Press Release is the first step among all of them and here NewsVoir can help you to ensure the maximum effective reach of your press release to top premium publications. Get in touch with us today to discuss the press release distribution for your brand.


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  1. Great job. amazing i like the way you explain all the things. PR is way more promising than advertising

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