Press Release


The key to success of any press release lies with the content’s ability to grab the reader’s attention, each and every time when the blog is read by the reader.


An effective press release must have an eye catching headline. The headline should be well articulated and make the user want to click.


An effective press release should contain dateline in the first line of the first paragraph of the content. The journalist needs to know that they are receiving the most updated information.


This is most important paragraph which contains a summary of the press release. Most journalists bother to read only the first few lines of this paragraph. Give it everything you have to say


The body consists of two to several paragraphs explaining every detail of information you want to share, make it interesting by using statistics, quotes and high value.


This is the short paragraph in which you can provide independent information about the company you are referring about like when it was founded, impact and vision

Call To Action:

This is the final element of an effective press release, you have a potential customer – Give them a clear call to action – so they can engage with you

Media Contact Details:

An effective press release should contain all the important information like name, contact number and email address about the person who is distributing the press releases.


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