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World Animal Protection Report Reveals Exploitation of Thousands of Elephants in Asian Countries, Including India

Countries in Asia, including India, continue to grow the captive elephant industry for elephant rides and performances to meet irresponsible tourist demands.



Jul 06, 2017   16:48 IST  

World Animal Protection Urges the Government of India to End the Suffering of Dairy Animals

Recent research by World Animal Protection across local dairies within the city limits of six major metropolitan areas in India, has exposed the in humane living conditions and...

Mar 24, 2017   12:50 IST  

Pet Adoption Weekend at HyperCITY!


On a usual weekend at HyperCITY store in Malad on 4th and 5th March 2017, the customers were a part of something incredible....

Mar 15, 2017   17:13 IST  

River Monsters’ Host and Extreme Angler Jeremy Wade to Uncover the World's Largest, Strangest and Most Dangerous Fish

Freshwater detective, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade has spent three decades traveling the World’s waterways in search of man-eaters that lurk beneath...

Dec 08, 2016   14:13 IST  

People in India Deeply Concerned about Welfare of Dairy Animals

A new survey commissioned by World Animal Protection has shown the cruel treatment of animals in local dairies in India is unacceptable to almost 90% of people who responded; h...

Nov 25, 2016   15:15 IST  

Global Animal Health Market is Expected to Reach USD 50 Billion in Future with Parasiticides, Biologicals, Anti Infectives Dominating the Market

Canada market is analyzed as the saturated market for parasiticides owing to the presence of large number of market players with low price products....

Nov 03, 2016   17:43 IST  

Freshmen’s Valley Brightens up Diwali for the Villagers of Bahjoi

- Organized first income generation activity for the village youth



Oct 24, 2016   17:44 IST  

UN Supports Better Welfare for Farm Animals Worldwide

For the first time ever in the history of the United Nations (UN), farm animals worldwide will be better protected following the adoption of groundbreaking glo...

Oct 18, 2016   14:41 IST  

Exposing the Cruelty Behind Tiger Selfies

In the wake of the scandal and closure of Thailand’s Tiger Temple, World Animal Protection is exposing the true scale of abuse that captive tigers are en...

Jul 25, 2016   13:44 IST  

Protecting Animals at Rio Olympics 2016

World Animal Protection and the Organizing Committee for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games have announced a partnership to keep the city’s animals safe in the run up to and during the Games.



Jul 14, 2016   13:05 IST