Instagram influencer hacks

Do you also feel the urge to become an Instagram Influencer?


Every time you see a successful influencer in your Insta feed, you must have thought about how to become that one. Read the article till the end, to know the hacks of becoming a social media influencer. 


One of the prominent photo and video oriented social media platforms “Instagram” has gained popularity in recent years due to the influx of information on hand.  Instagram has left the other photo applications, like Snapchat and Facebook behind, with 230 million users till 2022.


Data revealed that the age bracket of 18-24 are the largest users of the platform. It also revealed that 71.4% of men are the Instagram daily user.


As the usage of Instagram is rising day by day, we analyze that the trend of becoming influencers is also developing.  Millions of followers on your Instagram profile sounds like a dream for many but yes, it can be accomplished through becoming an influencer on Instagram.


But in order to undertake this leap, one has to traverse a rough phase or we say bed of thrones but that’s not a big deal. One must let some things go in order to succeed. To undertake that leap, let’s read out the complete guide to become a high earning Instagram influencer in 2023.


Why is Instagram the best platform for multimedia marketing? 


Instagram platform offers many tools for posting content which fosters marketing techniques. Marketing helps to disseminate a business or service globally, surge revenue, promotion as well as awareness of your brand hand in hand. 


The multimedia element of this app is the biggest edge over competing with other social networking sites. There is no point of argument while claiming that it is the ideal scale for showcasing content for your business’ success on the aesthetics of your goods or services.


The versatile social network offers a wide range of options for promoting your goods or services. Its influence makes it possible for a product or service to spread globally.


Audio-visual medium supported by Instagram is fantastic for successful marketing. There are plenty of techniques which will enhance the creativity of your skills. 


Here are traditional marketing tools on Instagram


While scrolling the Insta feed, you all must have seen the advertisement, promotional messages and business accounts which aim to sell their business to their target audience.


1. Image ads – Image advertisement consists of adequate information about the business profile, products, and services.


2. Stories ads – Advertising the product or any service through stories posted on social media. In this, proper account tagging, hashtags are the important components that attract the buyers and complete your “Call to action”.

sample of stories ads on instagram
Stories Ads in Instagram


3. Video ads – Audio-video advertisement that includes the promotion of brand and product which adds text, images, and graphics.


4. Carousel ads – Multiple images, videos or graphics that are combined into one ad in a format known as a carousel ad.


Carousel Ads in Instagram


5. Explore ads – Advertisement that pops up on explore 🔍 section of your Instagram App.


6. IGTV ads IGTV ads are 15-second-long or sometimes brief video advertisements that are shown to viewers who are opening IGTV videos or surfing IGTV.

igtv ads
IGTV Ads in Instagram


7. Reels ads – Collection of photos of videos in one frame which includes a promotion of product or service is known as Reels advertisement. It includes a short length video that describes everything.


8. Shopping ads – Advertisements that influence buyers to shop from that particular shop or brand.


instagram shopping ads sample
Shopping Ads in Instagram

Content Types on Instagram


types of content on instagram
Types of content on Instagram


To climb the way to the top, one must plan efficient marketing strategies, which include publishing fact based and engaging content, sharing updates about the organization through stories, posting reels that demonstrate their products or services in a matter of seconds, and keeping friendly relations with your followers.


One photo, one story, or one reel every day is thought to be adequate marketing material for frequent engagement. But unfortunately, promoting your business and becoming a celebrity influencer is not enough.


Nothing is enough to be successful in life. Every time, extra effort is required to attain something.


Frequent interaction with your Insta family using and experimenting with every type of content is the core part to succeed marketing, as it helps to get more followers, and gain trust. Coming frequently live on their feed and a round of Questions and Answers on their stories. 


Guide to become a successful Instagram Influencers


Many of you must be planning to become an Instagram influencer and earning a big amount of money but got confused on How to get started. The lack of awareness and information might be one of the reasons for not working on it. 


Firstly, we will get to know about who the influencers are and how they are different from normal Instagram users.


Instagram users with a giant audience, an established credibility, and a special knack to influence other users fall out in a category of influencers on the platform.


That person has an ability to persuade potential customers to purchase a good or service as they have a good rate of engagement.


Three main goals of influencer marketing campaigns: to spread out brand awareness, endorse brand promotion, and hunt new markets.


To get on the list of top Influencers, below is the important checklist which can be proven useful:


1. Find out Niche and Trends – To showcase your talent on the social platform one needs to pick his niche or interest areas. In parallel to that, Explore the trends that are hitting out like storms of that same interest.


Pick your Niche:

I AM GOOD IN DANCE AND SINGING BUT PROFESSIONALLY, I AM PAINTER. So, a person has to choose one niche which will be carried forward.


Tab on the Hits:

Next, scroll out all the content related to your niche on all social network platforms. Filter all the content running on the social platforms to get the ideas. Also, to be out of the box one gets to know what is missing and what is repetitive. 

To get more on this race boat, take help of tools which help you to track the Influencers accounts. There are hundreds of platforms where Instagram influencers are easily accessible. Influencer marketing hub, Hype auditor and Simpli Learn are some sites which are helpful to search for the existing influencers of all backgrounds.


2. Specify your Audience – If you want your content to run on everyone’s feed page then you need to target your audience.



You need to perform detailed research about your audience. Here, Target audience refers to that specific consumer which wants your product or service. 

To research your audience, you need to check all social platforms to see what is going on and their liking and disliking in that streamline. 

Data collection is the prominent factor for targeting an audience. 


How to research about specific buyers:

Your product itself tells you who your audience is and on which platform you will find them. Still, in-depth research is required to know about the trends, likes of your target audience and traces of changes in the market.


  • Key Message: Firstly, your role is to make your target audience understand who you are as well as the service you provide. 
  • Influence: Once you reach out to your customers, the next step is to compel people to visit your page and peep at your content. Remember that you are not here to upsell any product but yes to sell other brand’s products in terms of collaboration.
  • Persuasion: It is the sugar coat which will definitely increase your follower’s count. 


3. Increase Engagement rate –  Being a daily Instagram user, you must have noticed the content posted by renowned personalities, as well as of start-ups.


Filtered content:

Content should be original, innovative and out of the box to stand out of the crowd.   


Communication Skills:

 A person should have good communication skills as that person has to maintain good relations with their followers.


“Aren’t Communication skills needed at a corporate job?” If this is what you are thinking now then let me be clear that every profession requires the best communication skill which helps you to move from scratch to a millionaire.  


Frequent engagement with Insta Family:

Instagram gives you a bundle of options to engage with your followers. 



4. Strengthen Collaborations –  To get an intensive impact on your content and for catching followers you need to collaborate with the start-tips for their brand promotion.


Free Collaborations:

Find out the accounts searching out for influencers to promote their brand or key message. At some level, you need to sacrifice the financial point and focus on establishing trust of followers.


Paid Collaborations:

Search about big companies who are looking for content creators and influencers to spread brand awareness. Those renowned companies pay a good amount for collaborations which benefits both the way.



5. Use of Hashtags – Use of hashtags were gone famous from the Twitter


  • Putting hashtags after any post or story hits the relevance of your content posted
  • Also, it affects your accountability rate
  •  On top of that, if your hashtags are on trends then your account or that content pops up on the search feed which will indirectly 
  • It helps to reach people who don’t follow you but they follow the hashtag or they are interested in the type of content which matches with that hashtag. Insta algorithm maps such users and reaches them with your content.


So, in your next post on Instagram, never forget to add at least one hashtag. 


Some Fine Examples of Influencers 

With a stupefying number of social media influencers running through abundant channels each day, it’s really no wonder that they had started from scratch and had gained a feasible follower count. There are influencers in every niche with a good following list.


Here are some examples of Influencers of different niches with good content. 

  1. Neil Patel – Expertise in the field of marketing
  2. Bhuvan Bam – He is one of the famous comedian content creators. 
  3. Rohit Khatri – One of the famous influencers in the field of Health and Wellness. 
  4. Prakriti and Ashish – A couple traveling full time and running a travel page on Instagram. Their page is filled up with traveling stories to different countries with entire information for their followers. 

You want to Know more? Just open your Instagram account and start searching for popular influencers.


Final Stage:


Just like technology, trends have also revolved around. Years back, the famous dialogue, Camera, Action and Lights has transformed into, Smartphone, Ring light and Action on which all Instagram influencers work on. 


After going through the struggling phase, when you achieve the position, your next goal is to engage with your audience in a professional manner. You can use PR agencies which help in brand building, forming a positive image, acquire more followers, increase engagements and gain trust of the audience.


This is a good option, but not affordable by all. 


An easy-to-handle option is to connect with Press release distribution sites which are quite affordable and effective.


They analyze your target audience and give you exponential reach. Along With that, your media visibility increases with the help of their media connections. You can connect to all media outlets as well as the influencers and bloggers for more digital space with the help of the press release distribution industry. There is no doubt that customers trust influencers more than brands. 


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