The LinkedIn SSI Scorecard

According to the researchers, a majority of professionals (81%) denote that LinkedIn has become more important for business than other platforms such as Twitter (77%), Instagram (65%) and Facebook (64%).

As time has progressed, LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful and versatile tool, offering a myriad of solutions to its users. Presently, an astounding 45 million professionals are leveraging the vast potential of the LinkedIn platform to bolster their marketing brand, streamline their recruitment strategies, and cultivate relations with professionals.

“Instead of needing one connection, we now needed to connect with five or six decision-makers – and sometimes many more. As a result, we needed to broaden our reach, and go both deeper and wider within the sales process.”

— Margaret Thomas Director, Sales Effectiveness Canada Post

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A concise overview of how to effectively leverage your LinkedIn SSI score to drive business growth. Continue reading to gain valuable insights and enhance your understanding.

Table of content:

  1. Introduction: The Key Role of SSI Scorecard boosting business performance
  2. Chapter 1: What is SSI and how important is it?
  3. Chapter 2: Measuring Your LinkedIn SSI Score: Tools and Metrics
  4. Chapter 3: Building SSI Scorecard for business growth
  5. Chapter 4: Tips to Improve SSI scorecard
  6. Conclusion

(1) What is SSI and how important is it?

LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index) Score is a metric that measures how productively you optimize LinkedIn platform to establish your brand or individual branding, find and build meaningful connections, engage with insights, and participate in activities. 

The LinkedIn SSI score ranges from 0 to 100 and is based on various elements which are discussed further in the article. 

As a result, retaining an impressive “LinkedIn Social Selling Score” helps to achieve business growth, upgrade connections in your niche, elevate your brand’s reputation in a fiercely competitive job market, and accelerate sales performance. This score can reflect if you are hiring employees or finding a job.

A higher SSI Score shows how well you are leveraging LinkedIn’s social selling features to establish yourself as a professional leader, your connections with relevant people and influencers of your niche, and build good rapport. 

Before we dig deeper; read out some intriguing facts about the LinkedIn platform: 

  • There are 875 million LinkedIn users.
  • Data reveals 60% of users are of the 18-34 years age group.
  • Around 52 million people surf LinkedIn to search for new jobs each week.
  • Data reveals 101 job applications submitted on LinkedIn every minute.
  • Over 2.7 million companies post on LinkedIn every day.
  • Around 58 million companies are listed on LinkedIn platform.

Source: Hootsuite 2022 Digital Trend Report

(2) Measuring Your LinkedIn SSI Score: Tools and Metrics

Based on four key elements, the LinkedIn SSI Score Dashboard is a built-in tool that calculates your SSI Score. This in-built tool showcases your score based of four elements and inform you which element needs to be improved to boost the SSI score.

Third-party Tools and Metrics

Apart from in-built tools, there are many other third-party tools that can retrieve your SSI Score. Therefore, these tools not only calculate the score but also perform in-depth analysis.
Examples: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hootsuite, and are some of the tools which calculate scores for you.

Your SSI Score ranges from 0-100, where 0 refers to the lowest and 100 being the highest score. LinkedIn SSI indicator discloses your score. If your score shows 50 or above then it is labelled as good. Your score reflects your engagement level with your connections, profile completeness, and activities’ effectiveness.

Here’s what a LinkedIn SSI score looks like: 

This image shows how LinkedIn SSI Scorecard assesses your score.

Monitor your SSI Score Regularly

Keep track of your SSI Score to determine if your current strategy is effective or not. Check your score monthly to identify which areas of your profile and activities need improvement.

3) Factors that Contribute to a Higher LinkedIn SSI Score

Building a strong Social Selling Index (SSI) scorecard is crucial for driving business growth in today’s digital age. By implementing these five key strategies into your social selling efforts, you can boost your LinkedIn score and later see the positive impact on your business growth.

  1. Sharing relevant content that boosts engagement rate. 
  2. To keep an eye on your competitor’s activities.
  3. Recruitment posts shared on your profile.
  4. Build meaningful connections with professionals of your niche. 
  5. Run LinkedIn ad campaigns.

However, on these factors the tool calculates the SSI score. So, ramp up your interaction level to boost the LinkedIn SSI Score Card.

(4) Valuable Tips: 5 Ways to Enhance your LinkedIn SSI Score

In today’s professional landscape, having a strong LinkedIn presence is crucial for career growth and networking opportunities. One key metric that measures your LinkedIn performance is the Social Selling Index (SSI) score. To help you boost your SSI score and maximize your LinkedIn potential, we have compiled five practical tips that can make a significant impact.

  1. Optimize your profile

Pick and choose a perfect mid-length click as your profile picture and write an interesting bio that explains about you. Add all your important details, up-to-date with time, and aligned with your professional goals. An interesting profile boosts your profile visibility and makes it easier for prospects to find and connect with you.

  1. Expand your network 

Build useful connections with professionals in your niche which will expand your network. For this you need to connect and maintain your relationship with individuals, boost your engagement rate, and multiply your efforts to strengthen your leads.

  1. Creative content making

On a daily basis share any inspiring information in the form of text, an image, carousel post or a video with your LinkedIn members. Creating and sharing your own content can bring your personality out in your industry and increase visibility on the platform. Make sure your content is relevant, meaningful and resonates with your professional goals.

  1. Join LinkedIn groups

Active participation in LinkedIn groups can help you expand your network, share your expertise, and connect with like-minded professionals. Make sure you are diligently taking part in discussions and sharing relevant content to establish your authority as a professional leader in the group.

     5. Become a professional leader
An ability to position yourself as a thought leader within your industry which also impacts your SSI Score. LinkedIn gives an opportunity to harness the power and show that you are an intellectual person. To match this level, you need to gear up with insightful content, participating in industry-related discussions, and engaging with influential professionals.

Over to you?

Are you prepared to enhance your LinkedIn SSI score? 

Take the first steps towards achieving a high SSI score that accurately showcases your capacity to engage with your audience, establish meaningful relationships, and ultimately, boost sales.

Embark on a journey to become a prominent influencer by implementing these actionable steps and refining your social selling strategy.